"Spirit & Mission" Participant Comments

2007 (St. Louis, MO)

  • It was very helpful to me to hear the sisters and women share their stories and experiences of God. My sense of God presence in my life deepened though the encounters of this weekend retreat.
  • It was very helpful to hear the talks and shares of the sisters about charism, ministries and life experiences.
  • The time in sharing and reflection time helped me see God’s beautiful gift for me and helped me recognize myself.


  • The impromptu chats among the sisters and the women on the retreat were very enlightening.
  • I now have a much better understanding of the Good Shepherd Spirit and Mission. Sharing with the sisters and the other retreatants my own faith journey and also learning about stories of the sisters and other retreatants have been extremely helpful! This retreat has helped me understand where I am now in my discernment, and challenged me to ask myself some serious questions.
  • I really enjoyed learning about the centering prayer and how it can play a part in our everyday life...bringing Jesus back to the center of our thoughts and actions.