"Volunteer with GSS at Kateri Day Camp " Participant Comments


  • I found the daily prayer and reflection before camp allowed all to share and find a special meaning to the day and events.
  • The program was full of new, unique and great experiences. It gave all of the participants the opportunity to use a special skill and enabled us to put forth what we could to help the children.
  • The programs was a great opportunity to learn and see how God is present in everyone and everything. The daily events and activities were greatly developed; everything produced a positive feeling, emotion and inner peace.
  • It was great to be able to regroup and share with the others at the end of each day.
  • The readings were inspirational, helping me to focus on the very reasons we came: to serve and love those who need it most.
  • The "free" time after camp which included bike riding, swimming, etc. was an excellent refresher.
  • Working with the Kateri kids really gave me a chance to reach out and connect to those who may not have otherwise experienced such a bond. I am glad to have brought a smile to those faces.
  • The special get togethers with the Good Shepherd Sisters was very helpful. It gave me a chance to understand the mission which I found inspiring.
  • I have never had the combination of reflection and working with a camp before therefore it was great and exceeded anything I could envision.
  • I felt we were given a good amount of time to relax from the camp and then come together at the end of the day and still get to bed at a good time.
  • The openness and approachability of everyone at the house and camp was so helpful. Not only were the people welcoming and friendly but we were made to feel very comfortable and so any questions that came up were asked and always answered.
  • I think having the opportunity to meet and eat with some of the Sisters was just as valuable to "orientation" as the more formal videos!
  • The hospitality was never ending and very much appreciated!
  • Having access to the pool has been fabulous and I've thoroughly enjoyed all of my conversations with each of the Sisters. The bikes were great too.