Opening of the 150th Jubilee Year
September 17, 2020

Sr. Sheila Kelly - Welcome

Good Morning and Welcome!

It is with great joy and gratitude that I welcome you to the opening of this Jubilee Year - a celebration of God's merciful love and our Good Shepherd mission that extends to the whole world.

It is almst 150 years ago in 1857 that five Good Shepherd Sisters arrived in New York City at the request of several lay women. these "Ladies of Charity", conscious of the needs of immigrant women and girls and knowing of the work of St. Mary Euphrasia and the Good Shepherd Congregation petitioned the Archbishop of New York to send for the Sisters.

When they arrived in New York City, the Sisters were welcomed, supported and provided for by the women who had first recognized the need of the HOLY WORK.

From our earliest days, Good Shepherd Sisters, Contemplative and Apostolic, benefactors, family, friends, Associates, Volunteers and Staff have been co-laborers, collaborators in this great endeavor. In St. Mary Euphrasia's own time, she spoke of Count DeNeuville as "the Founder" and Countess D'Andigne' as "Madame Hope."

As GOOD SHEPHERD PEOPLE we gather today to open this year of rememberance and gratitude for all that has been, and asking that we remain faithful to God's desire for all "that WILL BE!" That we will be indeed bearers of life for the poor of our world. GRATEFUL, HUMBLED, and MINDFUL that we stand on the shoulders of all who have gone before us. We call on their powerful LOVE and ZEAL and their intercession with the Good Shepherd.

I'd like to close with a quote from St. Mary Euphrasia who began this GOOD WORK in us.

"O my God, may every beat of my heart be a prayer to obtain mercy and pardon for sinners. May all my sighs be as many appeals to your infinite mercy. May each look have the virtue to gain to your love those souls whom I shall look on. May the food of my life be to work without ceasing for your glory and the salvation of souls."

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