Sr. Annatram (Tram) Nguyen, Apostolic Sister

A Profession of Vows: One Sister's Story

A day was coming, the day I had been waiting for and when it actually came, I was so nervous! The day of my first profession of Vows was here, July, 30, 2005. It wasn’t that I was confused about my vocation to Good Shepherd, but that I knew this is the day that would open a new chapter in my life. I wanted to say “YES” and live it completely.

I chose the saying of our Foundress, St. Mary Euphrasia, “I only loved”, as the theme for my Vow Celebration and you may be wondering why...The day I began my journey with Good Shepherd, I knew that this life would take a lot of courage, strength and a faithful prayer life; but I also found out that the key for this life is LOVE. If I really loved this call, I would be happy.

Saturday morning, July 30, was not like other mornings. Everybody was happy! My family members were with me and I knew they couldn’t wait either for the moment I made my Vows in the Good Shepherd Congregation. I could see a happy face on each of my sisters gathered in the Province Center Chapel. I was so happy too, but nervous!

About 9:30 a.m. I sat in Sister Barbara’s office to write my Vows in the Congregational Vow Book. I had to pause several times to ask myself, “Do I really want to say yes to God?” “Can I live these Vows with all my heart?” A lot of questions were inside me; but the answer I found was LOVE! Love has given me strength and courage these last three years to follow the call of the Shepherd, and now it will give me courage to say strongly “YES” once again. Like St. Mary Euphrasia, I don’t have anything special either. I do know and am sure that I do love. It was love that filled my heart and gave me such peace as Father Peter De Vo began the Mass.

I sang with all my heart and professed my Vows with all my love. I know I have to grow in this call, but I also know, if I go deeper in this love, I will be able to say with St. Mary Euphrasia, “I only loved, but I loved with all the strength of my soul” or like St. Paul, who said, “ is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”

I take this opportunity to say “Thank You”, to each Sister in the Province for all your prayers on my behalf. I especially want to express my gratitude to those who in any way, loved and supported me with their patience and guidance.

In humble gratitude,
Sr. Annatram Nguyen, RGS: Chicago

Sr. Maureen Johnson, Contemplative Sister

Sr. Maureen Johnson entered the Novitiate with the Contemplative Sisters on March 26, 2020. She lives in Florissant, Missouri and ministers in the Altar Bread Department.

Sr. Donna Miles, Apostolic Sister

Sr. Donna Miles made her First Profession as an Apostolic Sister on October 23, 2020. She has been missioned to Los Angeles. The Good Shepherd Shelter in LA is a long-term treatment and education center for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Srs. Thanh-Thuong Chu & Maria Thu Tran, Apostolic Sisters

The Good Shepherd Formation Community in St. Louis, M.O., welcomed Sisters Maria Thu Tran and Thanh-Thuong Chu into the next phase of their vocation journey on June 8 th, 2008, at a simple ceremony. During the ceremony, the new novices received medals as a sign of their commitment to the Formation Process. They also received copies of the Good Shepherd Constitutions and the Conferences of St. Mary Euphrasia, which they will study in greater depth. Both sisters are deeply grateful for the gift of their vocation and wish to be supportive of other interested women in Good Shepherd.