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Good Shepherd Sisters take a fourth vow of zeal in addition to our other vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Active Good Shepherd Sisters vow zeal "to labor for the salvation of souls".

Contemplative Good Shepherd Sisters vow zeal "to pray for the salvation of souls". That means that together as sisters we commit ourselves to stay committed to the challenging mission of bringing the healing touch of Jesus to people God sends into our lives. To keep on reaching out to people with the compassion of Jesus, to treat people with dignity. We want to be in relationships of love and healing with people who don't feel good about themselves, who make unhealthy choices, or who don't feel their human dignity...who need the Good Shepherd to come and search for them when they are lost. If you feel passionate about helping people experience their dignity, if you already are able to commit to people and projects, and stay committed even when the novelty wears off, then maybe being a Good Shepherd Sister is for you!

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