Vocation Prayers

Download our Vocation Prayers (6k pdf)

Loving God, you who sow the seed in the hearts of your people. The fields are shining for harvest. Inspire many men and women to listen to your call, and to respond with generous hearts to your invitation to religious life, priesthood and church ministry. Enkindle in them the fire of love that they may follow Jesus Christ to bring Good News to the poor, justice and peace to the world and make known your love to all people.

-Sr. Yen Loc Tran, CGS

Jesus, you are my Shepherd.
You guide me in knowing how to give out my mission as your disciple.
Help me to order my life around your mission of bringing goodness and hope out of evil and destruction.
Give me a heart bold enough to risk everything to love the broken-hearted.
Bring me into the center of your heart so that I can know how deeply you love me.
Show me what next steps I need to take to know my own vocation, and the courage to act.

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