A Heart Created to Love

There is nothing more magnificent or more beautiful to contemplate, whether here on earth or in heaven, than the love of God for us. We are daily overwhelmed with God’s benefits. He watches over us and guards us… He covers us with His wings, and lavishes on us his most tender caresses.

Accept all from the hand of God, whose heart lovingly disposes everything. Pray to Him with confidence and love; remember that He who desires to do you good holds in His hands the power of God.

Let God act. We are only weak instruments he uses to accomplish His plans. May the Lord be praised in all things! For never are we more full of life than when we are hidden in God. Let us lose all for God, and we shall find all in God.

God has vouchsafed to choose us out of the multitude. The blessing of a vocation is a gift from God, and to Him all the glory of it must be rendered. Let us hide ourselves in the secret of the face of the Lord and His great designs will be accomplished.

It is the spirit of faith that animates the whole spiritual life. Seek then to have that faith which will make you love your vocation more and more, and walk with the courage in the ways of God.

Go after the lost sheep without other rest than the cross, other consolation than work, other thirst than for justice. I leave you, as my last legacy, the love of the cross and zeal for the salvation of souls.


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