Apostolic Sisters

The apostolic Sisters of the Good Shepherd commit themselves to listen to the weary, often muted voices of the poor and the disadvantaged -- especially women and children and then do something about what they have heard.

They let their hearts be softened and shaped by the people they serve. They directly confront the "structures of our world, which devalue the dignity of the human person."

They see the suffering face of God in the undocumented immigrant or the reviled prostitute, and hear the laughter of angels in families they have reconciled. Rather than grieve for an opportunity gone, they start afresh with whatever is at hand, no matter how small, like the shine of a star in a muddied pool.

They are focused women with a will to learn mercy and compassion from the heart of the Shepherd, to whose heart they again and again return for comfort, strength and direction.

The ministries and services of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd are many and varied for their desire to serve is limited only by the walls of our expanding world. This expanse, have you seen where it ends?

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