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Our Mission

Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier believed in the Good News, that God was like a compassionate Shepherd. Christ of the New Testament reveals God as ABBA (Father), whose love for us is boundless, creating us with dignity, in God’s own image. Mary Euphrasia was courageous to act always in light of this same mission: to love and respect the dignity of each person as a child of God.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd approach each person with the same care of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. We are guided by the principle that, “One person is of more value than a world.”

Through contemplation and action our mission of reconciliation impels us to act with justice and peace. We take a fourth vow of zeal, the heart of our Good Shepherd vocation. This leads us to search out the wounded, those left behind by the world. We minister in all areas of human services, with a particular focus on the needs of women and children.

A Sister of the Good Shepherd can express her zeal for God’s people either as an apostolic or contemplative sister.

Is God calling you to love with the of a Good Shepherd?

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