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Name: Sr. Maureen
Date: 12/30/98


Copying a document into WEB SITE BULLETIN BOARD

1. Go to your Word document.
2. Copy it from Word. Do you know how? Highlight the document (put your cursor at the top of bottom and run it over the entire part you want to copy - it should turn dark with white lettering). Click on any part of the document that stays white. That way you don't delete it. Then it's on your own bulletin board, although you can't tell.
[You probably knew that. You can also copy by highlighting and pressing Control and the "c" key at the same time.]
3. Close your document.
4. Open up the web page -- in this case <>. And go to Bulletin Board.
5. Fill in the form: name, email address, post a new topic or respond to a topic, comments.
6. Now suppose you've said you want to post a new topic. Suppose you want to post something on the death penalty. So you click on Post a New Topic and title it Death Penalty. Then you move down to Comment. Put your cursor in the Comments box and press together Controlv (Ctrl key plus the v key) and, POOF!, there's the document you had on your own bulletin board.
7. Adjust the spaces (although you won't have total control over the spaces but you do what you can).
8. Go down to the submit button, press it, and there it is!!!!!!!!!


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