Listen to What Sisters Say About Their Missions:

"My mission as a Good Shepherd sister means holding the whole world in my heart, which is really the heart of Jesus. I pray especially for every single person who feels like giving up, or whom others have given up on. Because God never gives up on anyone."

"I try to be the body of Christ in the world. Not alone, but together with my sisters. I try to be the hands and feet, the eyes and ears of Jesus for the people in my life. As a community, we each bring our gifts to people who otherwise might be overlooked in our society."

"I was attracted to the community of the Good Shepherd sisters because of their beautiful name. The Good Shepherd offers shelter for those who are discouraged, those without hope and pushed aside by society. In my life I find it so fulfilling to share with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in reaching out to persons who are powerless and empowering them. It is a tremendous vocation."

"I could work with kids on my own. But I wanted more. Finding Good Shepherd was like coming home. The mission is what keeps me going - with a community that stands up for each person's worth and dignity. Not only doing good things, but being the presence of God for the kids—and receiving the presence of God from them too. It's amazing how mutual it gets."

"I feel drawn to people who are victims of abuse, especially women and children. Kids need to be safe. We all need to be safe, but some of these young lives are so scarred already. And some of the moms are just kids themselves. I want to be part of a ministry that brings healing and hope."

"St. Mary Euphrasia, our foundress, said that what cannot be healed by work needed to be healed by prayer. That's how I contribute my best to the Good Shepherd mission. I pray for people - by name when I can - especially those who feel most hopeless. I don't always know the results, but that's ok." "The Good Shepherd mission for me is relationships."

When thinking about religious life I knew that as a contemplative sister there would be no limits to where I could be present - in prayer - for the entire world.

In Good Shepherd Congregation I have fulfilled my desires of prayer and service by prayerful support for our active Apostolic Good Shepherd Sisters in their multiple ministries of compassion and healing the wounded people of the world.



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