Listen to Those Whom We Serve:

"The house I was renting was sold. I had two weeks to get out and with no money saved to rent a new place, I stayed with different friends and sometimes even in my car. I needed some place more stable to stay with my son, where I could save some money for a new place. I went to the Good Shepherds in October. I was able to find a great job, go to school and achieve many of my other goals with the help of the Good Shepherd Sisters and their programs. I am now in a stable apartment with my son.


"I gained a sense of being somebody good." Christine, 14

"Our family came for help and got it. They really care about us." The Johnson family

"I found out I can deal with things without drugs." Sean, 16

"I never knew if I was going to live to see the next minute. Now I can see tomorrow and I can decide what will happen." Mary, 26

"I have gotten so much support. IÕm very lucky." Agnes 34, mother of 6 children

"I found a sense of direction and love which I never ever had before. I was finally able to work through my problem and still feel good about myself." John, 35

"I can't believe I've come so far. This time last year I was making bad choices for my life. Now I have a job and my own place. Now I can make it on my own."

"I know you're praying for me. That's what I need most right now."

"If you didn't open your doors to me, I'd be on the street."

"Could I have done it alone? No. Having teenagers and being a single parent is hard. I need your strength - it helps me to have my own."

"Five years ago I thought I'd be dead by now. With your help I sobered up, finished my GED and went to college. Now I'm married to a decent man. I have three beautiful kids. I have a good job. Yes, I did it myself. But I needed someone to believe in me."

"I'm making it, step by step. Sure, I still need the food shelf, and help with diapers. But coming here, being with you, is my life-line."

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