The Good Shepherd Symbol

All our sisters both apostolic and contemplative wear this Congregational Symbol, which identifies us as Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

The Two Hearts…
represent the hearts of Jesus and Mary united as one. We draw our spirit of zeal from this Heart - an evangelical spirit of Welcome, Kindness, Understanding and Loving Service, which gives witness to
the value of each person.

It also represents the reality that we love with two hearts: our own small, limited heart and the great heart of God.

The Crook…
represents the extension of the Shepherd’s own self, used to rescue the sheep that is lost or in trouble.

Through the Church, Jesus continues to encompass with love all afflicted with human weakness. He looks for the lost one, brings back the strayed, tends the injured and makes the weak strong. Jesus reveals the Father’s mercy through a love which overcomes all sin and infidelity.

The Cross…
reminds us of the cost of the shepherd’s self-giving, even to laying down one’s life.

We give our total gift of self, which is rooted in the following of Christ and in his paschal mystery, leading through the cross and death to resurrection.

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